Morning Timetable 2016:


Mon.  Yoga+ Weight Loss
Tue.   Yoga+ Body Sculpting
Yoga+ Flow
Thur. Yoga+ Back Care
Fri.    Yoga+ Detox

*New* Monday Evening Class at 6:30-7:45pm

For Women of all Ages and all Fitness Levels

How to get started:
  • Get in touch via Contact/Register
  • 5 women for a term to start
  • Notification of start date
Payment Options:
Pay-As-You-Go €15
5 Class Pass €55
5 Class + Pass €70 (incl. massage)
10 Class Pass €110
10 Class + Pass €140 (incl. mass.)
Please note:
  • 5/10 week term
  • Classes are 55min
  • Equipment/Yoga mat provided
Venue in Bray:
  • Boghall Road, Southern Cross Road or Old Connaught Avenue

  • Click on the red tab above 'Contact/Register'
  • Email [email protected]
  • Call 086-855 6211 or 01-276 5551

Classes Info:
  • Yoga+ Beginner Level (physical intensity 1):
Breathing practice, set of 5-6 poses with breath retention and deep relaxation.
  • Yoga+ Back Care (physical intensity 1-2):
Breathing and relaxation practice, mostly performed on floor for stability, alignment, full range of spinal mobility, stretching, strengthening and retraining of muscles, short relaxation.
Optionally: appointments for back massage available
  • Yoga+ Flow (physical intensity 2):
Breathing practice, continuous & fluid yoga movements and relaxation.
  • Yoga+ Weight Loss (physical intensity 2-3):
Breathing practice, warm up, yoga poses combined with high intensity interval training, core workout or strength training, stretching and relaxation. Refreshments: 'Spirulina Burst' smoothie, Green or Pu-erh Tea.
  • Yoga+ Detox (physical intensity 2-3):
Strong breathing practice, back and spine warm up, flowing sequences and twists, relaxation. Refreshments: Green Tea.
  • Yoga+ Body Sculpting (physical intensity 3):
Focuses on weak/problem zones of the female body: posture/back/shoulders, pelvic floor/bladder/hips/abs and upper body strength/wrists. Yoga+ Body Sculpting includes body awareness practice, alignment & safeguarding the body, upper body and abs/oblique strengthening, arm balances and wrist conditioning, flexibility training, body rolls and relaxation.