Stickman Yoga

For Pre-school and
Primary School Children

If you like to avail of these service for your school or institution or if you have further queries please contact Katrin O'Neill:

M: 086-855 6211
T:  01-276 5551
E: [email protected]

What is Stickman Yoga? What are the benefits to pupils?

It is an 8-week yoga programme offered in a fun and interactive way. (Programmes can be extended to a full school year.) These yoga programmes are designed by Katrin O'Neill from Natural Prevention. Natural Prevention's main emphasis is PREVENTION from disease

of the mind and body by means of:

  • Education & Encouragement
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Breathing & Relaxation

Stickman Yoga is conducted during school hours and will encourage and enhance:
postural alignment, correct movement during exercise, all major muscles groups to be strengthened and stretched, full joint mobility, overall stability and flexibility, relaxation of the Nervous System and mind which has a positive effect on the Immune System and improves sleeping patterns